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A Figment of My Own Imagination
11 September 1987
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activist, androgynous, ask me, BDSM, boigirl, butch-loving, complex, crossdresser, different, drag queen, drama queen, FTM, FTWTF, female-assigned, feminist, femme-liking, femmeboy, gender bender, gender blender, gender different, gender fluid, gender outlaw, genderqueer, girly boy, human, indecisive, individual, kinky, LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQA, LGBTQI, LGBTQIA, leftist, liberal, myself, not sure of myself, not sure of others, out, pansexual, person, polycurious, pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-sex feminist, progressive, teh gay, tranny, trans, trans-loving, transfeminist, transgender, transgender warrior

What's yours?

I'm a genderqueer freak geek with a passion for poetry. (Isn't alliteration fun?) I read too much fanfiction for my own good.

This journal contains a lot of personal stuff, including but not limited to: mental illness issues, righteous anger, and general ranting. I warn for this because I understand that not everyone wants to read that.

This describes my personality quite well.

About commenting in my journal: Do it! It doesn't matter if I've never met you. I don't think that there are a lot of reasons nonfriends would want to comment, but if you do, then feel free.

All right then, where do the lost names go? The probability of their surviving in this maze of a city must be extremely low. Some are flattened on the road by enormous trucks, some die in the gutter for simple lack of spare change that would get them on a streetcar, while others sink to the bottom of the river, with a pocketful of pride to weigh them down.

-"A 'Poor Aunt' Story" by Haruki Murakami

Willow and Tara are Love

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fuck tolerance. acceptance.